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American film director, screenwriter, and editor, Jacob Steiner Brinn began his film career as a young actor before positioning himself behind the camera in 2014. Among his early acting projects was a role as the adolescent Alexander Hamilton, where he was introduced to location travel, professional set design, a full production crew, and the talents of an experienced, professional director. Intrigued by the complexity of the director's vision and the task of telling the story with a finite number of resources, he passionately turned to directing.

Influenced by theater and the film classics, storytelling was paramount to him and sparked his writing of short stories and comedy skits, soon inspiring his first films in college. Never discouraged by production limitations, he lets the story guide him to create memorable moments in his films. His first experiences as a budding writer and filmmaker cemented his belief that "a great story must be told properly and if you want to make films, go make films."

In 2015 he led his team as writer and director in the 48 hour film project with Glimpse, an edge of your seat, black & white horror short, winning best film, best directing, best cinematography, best actress, best editing, and audience award - honorable mention.

In 2016, Jake partnered with cinematographer and ODU senior Christy Stevens to co-direct Carmelita, an inspired short film written by Christy, shot on 35 mm film through the Old Dominion film department. Carmelita premiered at ODU’s Theater on May 5; celebrated by audiences, it marked a new cinematic era for ODU’s film department and has raised the bar for future ODU student filmmakers. Carmelita is currently being submitted to film festivals internationally.  

In early 2017, Jake formed the Old Dominion University film club and became its club president. The club’s first film "Flushed", a romantic comedy short written and directed by Jake screened in the short film corner at the International Cannes Film Festival in 2017. Jake and fellow club member Chris Connor walked the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival this May, presenting Flushed alongside films from all over the world for the film industry’s best.  

Jake is currently moving on from Old Dominion University's film program and relocating in Austin Texas. Please connect to learn more about Jakebrinnfilms. 


Latest projects

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SCREENWRITER / DIRECTOR - All my life, I've been drawn to storytelling. I began writing at a young age but didn't discover the art of film making until my college years. I made my first film as a freshman at Old Dominion University and from then on, loved it.

FILM EDITOR - If I wasn't able to direct, I would edit. I mainly cut on Adobe Premiere CC but have experience with Final Cut and Avid Media Composer as well. I edit all of my own projects and find pleasure in exposing hidden strengths within each project through editing.

ACTOR - I've been acting since 2009. I believe actors have just as much to do with telling the story as the filmmaker, so it was a natural fit for me. I landed several background and day-player roles until 2014 when cast for the supporting lead in an Indie Horror feature. "The Possession Experiment" screened in select theaters internationally. As an actor myself, I work closely with my talent and take great pleasure in watching them delve into their characters.

VIDEOGRAPHER - While several of my works include stunning visuals courtesy of my partner and go-to cinematographer, Christy Stevens, I shoot many projects on my own. My portfolio includes Music Videos, Promos, Commercials, and Wedding Videos. I value the way a shot, angle, or lighting effect can shape a scene.