Daniel Crider, Musician

Jake Brinn is a motivational and radical dude. He always knows what's coming next on set, because he plans for anything and everything. Yet, Jake has this chill, down to earth vibe which makes working fun and stress free. Jake Brinn is going places. I'm proud to have worked with him and hope to again in the future.

David Johns, Musician

With first-rate cinematography acumen, adept on-set organizational skills and creative audacity that spans far beyond his age or time, Jake Brinn is a professional film director of a very high caliper. His innate ability to transcend above simply directing and view a project from the script, audience perspective, 40,000 feet and through the eyes of the actor is why he is both such a breeze to work with and a success.

Taylor Jones, Musician

Jake was so professional. Working with him was an absolute pleasure. He really puts his heart into his work and gets things done in a timely manner. Such a talented guy and an even better person. I would gladly work with him again. He really went above and beyond to bring my vision to life on screen. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Andrew Neal, Musician

I met Jake Brinn as a movie go-er at the premiere of a film he had a role in, and from the second I saw him, I knew he was meant to do great things. Having no idea Jake was also a director, my band took a chance and let him direct our music video for our single "Hot Heat". It was the best decision we ever made. Not only was Jake hands on and attentive to the project, he was just as interested in creating a friendship and a lasting impression with his diligence, creativity and infectious confidence. Jake is not only one of the most talented and progressive individuals I have ever met, but he is also inspires people to say " I can do this". Jake has the drive to make anything happen and is a perfect representation of the phrase "the sky is the limit".