Glass Animals

Robert Kamp builds a glass animal.

The final project for my Cinematography class required us to tell a story without dialogue, all visuals. I wanted to capture the creative process and beauty that comes with shaping a surfboard. Robert Kamp, owner of Ultralite Surfboards, allowed me to come and film at his shop in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach local and good friend of mine, Trevor Fraser, jumped at the idea of being in his first surf flick. The surf footage was taken on a single evening at Croatan Beach, VB.

Music: Apple Pie by Rafferty

Director | Video Editor | Cinematographer - Jake Brinn
Assistant Camera Operator - Aaron Dee
Grip - Daniel De Angelis

Surfer - Trevor Fraser
Shaper - Robert Kamp
Puppy - Jamie

Special Thanks - Ultralite Surfboards

Class Professor - David Mallin

This film was created for COM/THEA 385
Cinematography I
Old Dominion University
2016 All Rights Reserved